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HP 3PAR Service Processor (SP) explained Virtualcloudz
    May 31, 2014 · As far as my knowledge, HP 3PAR Storage Processor is not supported to deploy on HyperV, XenServer etc. I believe HP 3PAR Virtual Service Processor (VSP) download is not available online in general. You should be able to locate VSP DVD as part of the HP 3PAR shipment, if not contact HP Support for help.

What's 3Par default ID ,Password? - Hewlett Packard ...
    HI. I trying to install 3par F200 . I connected node console . But I dont know ID and password . It's New one

3paradm login and password - Hewlett Packard Enterprise ...
    hI everybody, today i've configured a 3par 8200+ 1 disk enclosure in CLI, during all the installation, i've never been requested to set or change 3paradm user login and password, but just choose between : At this point it must be specified whether this system should be configured to use Time-based...

Chicken-and-egg problem: 3PAR VSP 4.3 MU1 & 3PAR OS 3.2.1 ...
    While waiting for the 2nd level support, I was thinking about a solution. I knew that earlier releases of the VSP doesn’t check the serial number of the StoreServ or the version of the 3PAR OS. So I grabbed a copy of the VSP 4.1 MU2 with P009 and deployed the VSP. …

HP 3PAR Storage System: How to generate and collect the ...
    Dec 09, 2015 · How to generate InSplore Logs. Open the Internet Browser and type the ip address of the HP 3PAR Service Processor. Login to HP 3PAR Service Processor Onsite Consumer Care (SPOCC) by using the credentials. Default SPOCC username and password are 3parcust and 3parInServ.; Click on Support available in left navigation and then click on StoreServ Product Maintenance

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Best practices for implementing HPE 3PAR Virtual Service ...
    Since the release of HPE 3PAR SP 4.1, the option to deploy the VSP is available to users for the HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage. Running a VSP brings many advantages such as the cost saving associated without having to purchase physical SP server and management of those servers.

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    Legal Disclaimer: Products sold prior to the November 1, 2015 separation of Hewlett-Packard Company into Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company and HP Inc. may have older product names and model numbers that differ from current models.

HPE Storage Users Group › View topic - 3PAR
    May 18, 2016 · Pass HP3parvar (VSP 4.1) Pass [email protected] (VSP 4.1) Pass 3V#rpar (VSP 4.1) Pass dagR80ne (VSP 4.2) ... HP 3PAR Customer Self Update Instructions ... Given the these default passwords exist, and are not changeable, the only secure solution exists with isolating these devices at the network level. ...

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Newbies Guide to the 3PAR SSMC – d8taDude
    May 07, 2015 · Today I wanted to do a beginners guide to 3PAR SSMC to help learn how best to use it. So far in this StoreServ Management Console 101 series we have covered what’s new in the latest version, how to install SSMC and how to add systems to SSMC.. Today I want to run through the basics of the new interface so you can get up and running fast.

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    In the VMware vSphere Client window, select File, Deploy OVF template.. On the source page, click Browse to import the OVF from its location, then click Next.. On the OVF template details page, verify the OVF template, then click Next.. On the name and location page, enter a name for the VSP (Key, SP ID and serial number), then click Next.. On the storage page, select a destination storage for ...

HPE Storage Users Group › View topic - HP 3PAR Password ...
    Feb 08, 2018 · If you know the service processor credentials, such as 3parcust, you can backdoor into the Inserv using the service processor. The SP connects to the Inserv with a certificate for the 3parsvc user account, and will use that credential when you run cli commands from the SP.

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Default Passwords - THE SAN GUY
    Dec 02, 2015 · brocade default passwords default passwords emc default passwords vmware default passwords Post navigation Previous Post Scripting an alert to verify the availability of individual VNX CIFS server shares Next Post VPLEX Unisphere Login hung at “Retrieving Meta-Volume Information”

HPE Storage Users Group › View topic - 3PAR Root password
    Jan 03, 2018 · We have a 3PAR storage which is no longer under the support contract of HP. Today, I tried to logon the 3PAR management console and failed. SSH to it also unsuccessful. The SPOCC indicates there is Too many CLI server connection. I understand that we can logon as root and clear down the connection.

3PAR storeserv 7000-7200 default passwords – Hüseyin KARTAL
    3PAR storeserv MU2 Firmware’ine sahip 3PAR storage’ların consol bağlantısı için gerekli olan root parolası “cpm43pd” dir . 3PAR yönetimi için ise kullanılacak olan service processor’ün web arayüz ve ssh(CLI) bağlantısı için şifre ve kullanıcı adları aşağıdadır.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Secure Service Architecture technical ...
    HPE 3PAR Central keeps track of the 4 hour call home status received from the customers SP. If the SP fails to call home, the monitoring mechanisms within HPE 3PAR Central will record the status of File Transfer Ove rdue. The file transfer mechanism is the heartbeat of the HPE 3PAR StoreServ subsystem.

HowTo: update the HP 3PAR Service Processor - BITCON IT ...
    Jul 31, 2014 · All HP 3PAR StoreServ storage arrays are installed in combination with a physical (3PAR 7000 and 10000) or virtual Service Processor (3PAR 7000). This Service Processor is one of the core components in the installation since it is permanently monitoring the 3PAR StoreServ and does alerting to HP and the customer in case of issues. […]

HP 3PAR Command Line Interface Reference
    Jul 03, 2015 · HP3PARCommandLineInterfaceReference HP3PAROS3.2.1 Abstract ThisreferencedescribestheHP3PARCommandLineInterface(CLI)commandsthatareusedtoadministerandmaintainthe

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HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage Installation Guide
    HPE3PARStoreServ8000Storage InstallationGuide Abstract ThisguideisdesignedtoinstructqualifiedtechnicianswhoareauthorizedtoinstalltheHPE3PARStoreServ8000Storage

3Par – d8taDude
    Phillip Sellers has written an in-depth piece looking at the addition of SCM to Nimble and 3PAR. InfoSight. There was a number of announcements around the InfoSight platform. First up was 3PAR performance insights which allows a performance view of not …

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How to Download and Install HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management ...
    Apr 08, 2017 · Now you can launch the SSMC and login with the credentials which you have set in the above step. Add Storage System. After successful login click on action button to add a storage system. To add a storage system you will be asked for IP Address, user name and password. Default user name and password are 3paradm and 3pardata. Click on add button ...

ITSupport: HP 3PAR - Setup A StoreServ - Part 2
    Nov 19, 2016 · Setup A StoreServ VSP VSP (Service Processor) SSH Login U: root P: hp3par ifconfig -a SmartStart SmartStart requires Windows Server 2008. It is the software used to configure your StoreServ 7000. A couple of items to note: 1) You require Administrator access on the Windows Server 2008.

    Jul 06, 2017 · Login into the 3PAR SAN by usingthe IP address through putty. Username-3paradm(default) Password-3pardata (default) Once login into the SAN through cli do follow the below steps. # shownet (To see the current IP details) # shownet (To see the current IP details) To change the IP and Netmask-: #setnet startaddr <old_IP> <new_IP> <new_netmask> 2.

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HP 3PAR Service Processor Software 4.3.MU1 Upgrade ...
    HP 3PAR Service Processor Software SP-4.3.0.MU1 Upgrade Instructions: Service Edition Abstract This guide explains how to update the HP 3PAR Service Processor software from version SP-4.1.0.GA-97 or SP-4.2.0 and later to SP-4.3.0 MU1 at a customer site via physical media, the HP 3PAR Secure Service Architecture or SPOCC.

Systems Inside: Upgrade HPE Storage 3PAR to v3.3.1 ...
    Default Version: The default designation indicates an active version that is the go-to upgrade target, and is usually the current version being shipped from the factory on new arrays of that type.This version has run for a statistically significant time in the field and achieved acceptable quality index. Runtime hours are collected from the controlled release and monitoring which is performed ...

3PAR StoreServ All-Flash Data Storage – AI-Powered Storage ...
    Learn about 3PAR StoreServ, AI-powered to deliver enterprise class, Tier-1 all-flash array data storage solutions that provide unmatched agility and efficiency.

Review of 3PAR StoreServ Management Console – The Gurleyman
    Add any other 3PAR arrays that you have, close the Administrator Console, and then continue below. Management. Back at the login screen, you will now want to enter 3PAR user credentials and leave the “Administrator Console” box unchecked. Your login page should look something like this (note the title text when unchecked).

HP 3PAR CLI Reference Guide - THE SAN GUY
    May 17, 2018 · This is a CLI command line reference guide for HP’s 3PAR OS, and is based on version 3.3.1. It is a complete list of commands and a description of their function, I’d recommend reviewing HP’s official support documentation for specific information on command line arguments and advanced functions of each command.

    Service Processor Placement The HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage system may include a physical service processor (SP) or may use a virtual SP (VSP). If your configuration includes a physical SP, it will be located at the bottom of the rack under the enclosures and above the PDUs.

VMware Solution Exchange
    HPE 3PAR is the next generation of Tier 1 Storage--delivering agility and efficiency required by today’s virtual and cloud data centers. This plug-in helps you to ensure that you are applying those capabilities in the most agile and efficient manner to meet the changing needs of your customers and your business--quickly and cost-effectively. … virtualization on cloud 9
    The Azure Administrator Associate is a Administrator-role certification and it is all about implementing, managing and monitoring the Azure identity, governance, …

HPE 3PAR Change DNS Settings – ByteSizedAlex
    Check Existing 3PAR DNS Settings. ... Speed Duplex AutoNeg Status 01 1 1000 Full Yes Active Default route : NTP server : DNS server : BSA-3PAR01 cli% We can see the current DNS settings point the array to, we can also check via the GUI – be it the traditional IMC ...

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HPE 3PAR Plug-in for VMware vRealize Orchestrator
    The HPE 3PAR Plug-in for VMware vRealize Orchestrator is free for all customers to download and use. Once the plugin is installed and you have your HPE 3PAR StoreServ array registered, the fastest and easiest way to start working with the new vRO plugin is to leverage the prebuilt workflows included.. These workflows allow a vSphere administrator to quickly and easily deploy and manage many of ...

Managing PSP Rules for a 3PAR : vmware
    I am having issues zeroing in on creating a path selection policy rule for my 3PAR 7450. So by default, when you bring in a volume from the 3PAR SAN, VMware gives the old "Most Recently Used" path selection policy. That's all well and good but the 3PAR system likes Round Robin and it also needs to Round Robin for every single outbound IOPS.

3PAR StoreServ 7000 Hardware – Part 2 – VMFocus
    Mar 13, 2013 · After launching the OVF you need to login to the VSP, my understanding this will be via SSH like the F400’s. U: root. P: hp3par. Once logged in, the VSP would have obtained an IP Address from DHCP, run the command. ifconfig -a. Which will return the IP Address to enable the HP SmartStart software to connect to allow configuration of the VSP ...

3PAR – Page 4 – VMFocus
    This is where things start to pick up a bit as we venture onto adding the StoreServ 7000 into the Virtual Service Processor. Browse to your VSP using the IP Address you configured in 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Hardware – Part 2 and login with your credentials. A quick side note you may here the term SPOCC banded around quite a bit it stands for ‘Sevice Processor Onstie Customer Care’.

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