Abarth Models and Wiring Diagrams


Abarth is a brand of racing car founded by Carlo Abarth and Guido Scagliarini in 1949. The first car produced by this brand is 204 A Roadster. This vehicle is made based on the FIAT 1100. Surprisingly, 204 A Roadster car could win 1100 Sport Championship and also Formula 2.

This company not only produces the racing car. It also started to make the tuning kits which can improve the car’s performance such as the speed and power of the standard vehicle.

This company can develop fast. In just a few years, Abarth & C could hire 375 employees. This company also could produce 300.000 exhaust system in a year.

Abarth is well-known for its high-performing vehicles. The design of the racing vehicle is small as well as agile like the Scorpion.

Throughout the 1960s, this company is widely known for its success in sport car, tuning, and performance.

Now, Abarth is still maintaining its performance. It offers not only driving pleasure but also the sporty appeal. Here is the list of Abarth Models. If you are looking for Abarth Wiring Diagrams, you can check the pdf files below.

Abarth-Grande-Punto-Sound-System (1).pdf
Abarth-Punto-Evo-Owners-Handbook (1).pdf
Abarth-500-Owners-Handbook (1).pdf



abarth turismo
abarth turismo


  • Fiat-Abarth 500
  • Fiat-Abarth 595
  • Fiat-Abarth 695
  • Fiat-Abarth 750
  • Fiat-Abarth 850 TC
  • Fiat-Abarth 1000 Berlina
  • Fiat-Abarth 700 spider
  • Fiat-Bravo Abarth
  • Abarth 700S spyder Tubolare
  • Abarth 207A Boano Spider (1955)
  • Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato Coupe (1956)
  • Abarth scorpione 1300
  • Abarth Simca 1300
  • Abarth Simca 2000
  • Abarth 1300 OT
  • Abarth 2000 OT
  • Abarth 2000 SP
  • Porsche 356B GTL Abarth
  • Fiat 124 Abarth
  • Autobianchi A112 Abarth
  • Abarth SE 030
  • Abarth SE 037
  • Fiat 131 Abarth Rally
  • Fiat 131 volumetrico Abarth
  • Fiat Ritmo 125 TC Abarth
  • Fiat Ritmo 130 TC Abarth
  • Fiat Cinquecento Sporting Abarth
  • Fiat Seicento Sporting Abarth
  • Fiat Punto Abarth
  • Fiat Stilo Abarth
  • Abarth Punto Evo
  • Abarth 500C
  • Abarth 500
  • Abarth Grande Punto

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