Aixam Models and Wiring Diagrams

Aixam City Premium
Aixam City Premium

Aixam is an automobile manufacturer which is based in Aix-les-Bains, Savoie French. This company was founded in 1983. Aixam produced microcars and it acquired Arola. This company also acquired Aixam-Mega from Axa Private Equity.

In 1992, Aixam started producing a standard sized cars. These cars are under Mega Brand. However, by 2002, Mega was applied to an electric and diesel range of microvans.

Now, Aizam manufactures the Aixam A.7XX series. This kind of vehicle is powered by Kubota diesel engine. This seri is usually compared to Smart. What makes different is that Aixam A.7xx series is limited to 28 mph. This car is allowed to be driven without having a driving license in several countries in Europe. For instance Estonia, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Here is the list of Aixam models. We also provide Aixam Wiring diagrams and Aixam car manuals. Check this out.

Aixam Repair Service Manual
Aixam Repair Service Manual
Aixam Repair Manual.pdf


  • Aixam MAC
  • Aixam Berlines
  • Aixam Minivan
  • Aixam Pick-up
  • Aixam Microcar
  • Mega Club/Ranch – Citroën AX-based beach cars and offroad vehicles
  • Mega Concept
  • Mega Monte Carlo
  • Mega Track (sports car) – 1992
  • Aixam 300, 400, 500
  • Aixam Crossline/A-series
  • Aixam Scouty/Scouty-R
  • Aixam Crossline (SUV-style)
  • Aixam City Gasol, top speed Aixam Mega e-City
  • Mega Moskito Micro Pick-up
  • Mega MultiTruck (diesel or electric)
  • Aixam range
  • Aixam Crossover Premium

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