Fisker Models and Wiring Diagrams

Fisker Karma
Fisker Karma

Fisker Automotive is an automobile manufacturer from America. This company is well-known for releasing Fisker Karma. It is one of the luxury plug-in hybrid electric cars in the world. Fisker Karma debuted in North American International Auto Show in 1998.

However, the production of Fisker Karma was discontinued in 2011 since the battery supplier faced the bankruptcy. Fisker Karma has been produced for 2450 cars and has been sold 2000 cars. Then, in 2014, Fisker Karma’s design and manufacturing facility were bought by Wanxiang Group. In 2016, Wanxiang renamed it as Karma Automotive.

On 2008, Tesla filed a lawsuit against Fisker Automotive. Tesla accused Fisker for stealing Tesla technology and use it to create its hybrid car. However, in 2009, the suit was settled in Fisker’s favor. Tesla had to pay Fisker $1,1 million.

Here we list down Fisker Models and Fisker Wiring Diagrams.

Fisker Karma Owner Handbook
Fisker Karma Owner Handbook
Fisker Karma car
Fisker Karma car


  • Fisker Karma
  • Karma Revero
  • Fisker Surf
  • Fisker Sunset
  • Fisker Atlantic

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