Triumph Models and Wiring Diagrams

Triumph Cars
Triumph Cars

Triumph is a British Car and Motor Manufacturing Company. It was founded in 1885 by Siegfried Bettmann as the former employee of Bettmann and Co. Headquartered in Coventry, England, this company was focused on producing bicycles and automobiles and was even so popular in the 19s and 20s centuries. For the first time, Triumph started a business as a bicycles producers and started to make cars in 1889 but fully started producing the first car in 1921 after the acquisition of the automotive Dawson companies.

In 1927 until 1934, Triumph released its first phenomenal car that was called as Triumph Super inclusively. Then, it was followed with Triumph Standard Motor, 1800 and 1800 Roadster in several years later. The most recent model, which bore the Globe – the pre-war character of the brand – was the Triumph Mayflower. Delivery the line was totally halted until 1950 in light of the way that aluminum was an excessively costly choice to sheet steel, and organizations, thusly, required materials for their own car arrangement.

The last car arrangement under the name of Triumph Acclaim was delivered in 1981, and the model Triumph absolutely stopped to exist as an official brand in 1984. However, right now the Triumph brand has a place with concern BMW, cars of this brand are made. At the British closeout all the more frequently you can discover models of the 70s – 80s at low costs, however in great condition. If you are looking for Triumph Models and Wiring Diagrams, here they are!

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Triumph Models
Triumph Models


  • Triumph Spitfire 1500
  • Triumph GT6
  • Triumph Herald
  • Triumph Herald 1200
  • Triumph Herald 12/50
  • Triumph Herald 13/60
  • Triumph Courier
  • Triumph Vitesse 6
  • Triumph Vitesse Sports 6 (US version of Vitesse 6)
  • Triumph Vitesse 2-litre and Vitesse Mark 2
  • Triumph 1300
  • Triumph 1300 TC
  • Triumph 1500
  • Triumph 1500 TC
  • Triumph Stag
  • Triumph Toledo
  • Triumph Dolomite 1300
  • Triumph Dolomite 1500
  • Triumph Dolomite 1500 HL
  • Triumph Dolomite 1850
  • Triumph Dolomite Sprint
  • Triumph 2000 Mk1, Mk2, TC
  • Triumph 2.5 PI Mk1, Mk2
  • Triumph 2500 TC & S
  • Triumph Acclaim

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