Xinkai Models and Wiring Diagrams

Xinkai Cars
Xinkai Cars

Xinkai is a Chinese car manufacturing company that is commonly known as Xinkai Auto Manufacture Corporation. This company was founded in 1984 and headquartered in Gobeidian, Hebei, China. But, it placed the manufacturing facility in Qinghe and the assembly line in Tai’an. To improve its production, Xinkai took a joint venture with Toyota and produced the Toyota Camry XV10. Actually, it was rebadged of the Xinkai HXK6630 type.

The agreement with Toyota did not run well and got a serious problem in the 1990s. Xinkai decided to stop the contract then moved to Mercedes-Benz in 2004. In the contract, Xinkai Company was responsible for assembly the market of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles for the Chinese market. And as a result, Xinkai trucks were also imported to the United States. But, it got its market segment mainly in Latin America and Africa.

One of the most popular Xinkai Products that was sold highly in Chile is the Xinkai HXK1021 EB Pickup truck which was sold with the name Autorrad Ruda. If you have one of Xinkai Cars and need to know Xinkai Models and Wiring Diagrams, here they are!

XINKAI HXK 6491, HXK6490, HXK1021 Manual
XINKAI HXK 6491, HXK6490, HXK1021 Manual
XINKAI HXK 6491, HXK6490, HXK1021 Manual
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Xinkai Models
Xinkai Models


  • Mercedes-Benz Ambulance
  • Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle
  • Mercedes-Benz Police Car
  • Xinkai Century Dragon Extended Version
  • Xinkai Century Dragon Standard Edition
  • Xinkai Coach Car
  • Xinkai Falcon
  • Xinkai Fashion Star
  • Xinkai Victory
  • Xinkai Light Truck
  • Xinkai Rui Teng
  • Xinkai Ruida Pickup
  • Xinkai Single Cabine Pickup
  • Xinkai Star City

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