Zotye Models and Wiring Diagrams

Zotye Cars
Zotye Cars

Zotye Holding Group Co., Ltd was set up in 2005 and its principle strength was the creation of segments for the Chinese car industry, just as the creation of binding, welding, and twisting state of the body for the Chinese vehicle makers and the creation of different products that are not identified with the car business.

The organization since its establishment standard isn’t utilized in its activities abroad innovation and attempts to build up its own creation. Moreover, its primary arrangement was the catch of unfamiliar business sectors, with the outcome that today the holding organization figured out how to open their agent workplaces in fifty nations around the globe.

Zotye Holding Group presently has two brands: Zotye and Jiangnan. Notwithstanding cars, he additionally creates trucks, vans, cars business portion, bikes, and buyer merchandise. Effectively upheld by the state, in this association, specialists and ascribed the sharp extension of the holding organization and its monetary soundness available.

Settled Zotye is situated in Zhejiang Province, Yongkang city, 300 kilometers from Shanghai, is situated in a similar spot, and built up in 2005, Zotye Auto, which works in traveler car creation. The choice to make it was made on the influx of accomplishment of other Chinese manufacturers, they have exhibited both in China and around the globe.

The organization possesses a creation base that is situated in a region of 1.2 hectares. It utilizes 3000 people. The structure of the units remembered for a similar car Institute and R and D focus in Italy. The vendor network is spoken to, basically in China, and covers all the significant urban areas of the nation. If you are curious about Zotye Models and Wiring Diagrams, here the lists are!

Zotye Т600 Owner Manual ru
Zotye Т600 Owner Manual ru
Zotye Т600 Owner Manual ru
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Zotye Models
Zotye Models


  • E20 EV
  • E30 EV
  • E200 EV
  • E300 EV
  • Z100
  • Z300/ Z360
  • Z500/ Z560
  • Z700
  • T300
  • T500
  • T600
  • SR7
  • Domy X5
  • V10
  • JN Auto/TT
  • 2008/5008
  • M300

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